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The Yellow Color Of The Acrylic Adiwarna Mika Is A Color Between Green And Orange In The Spectrum

The yellow color of the acrylic Adiwarna Mika is a color between green and orange in the spectrum, the main subtractive color completes blue; colored like ripe lemons or egg yolks.

Adiwarna Mika acrylic's yellow color is the brightest color of the visible spectrum, and yellow is the most striking color of all colors in the human eye.

Adiwarna Mika acrylic's yellow color means happiness and optimism.

Adiwarna Mika acrylic's yellow color is the color of the sun that shines or bright light and creativity.

Jaya Mika is an Indonesian acrylic distributor of the Adiwarna brand Mika & a distributor of the best quality ACP brand Aluontop at low prices and sells other products for various industrial needs.

The superiority of Jaya Mika is the selling price of acrylic & ACP which is cheap (competitive) with the best quality, complete products & colors and a large and experienced distribution network.

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