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The Solution Of Acrylic Adiwarna Mika For Exhibitions Or Shows

The solution of Acrylic Adiwarna Mika for exhibitions or shows.

An exhibition booth or show needs materials that can attract the attention of visitors to come to the company's booth, therefore it is needed material that is easily formed and attracts attention (eye catching) with good lighting.

Acrylic Adiwarna Mika has many beautiful and stunning colors to make booths, neon boxes, product displays and others for exhibitions and performances.

For example product exhibitions, car shows, motorcycle shows, music shows and others.

Jaya Mika is an Indonesian acrylic distributor of the Adiwarna brand Mika & a distributor of the best quality ACP brand Aluontop at low prices and sells other products for various industrial needs. The superiority of Jaya Mika is the selling price of acrylic & ACP which is cheap (competitive) with the best quality, complete products & colors and a large and experienced distribution network.

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