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Neon Box in Advertising World

Neon Box in Advertising World

Billboards are large advertising media, which are usually placed in areas that are often traversed, for example on the side of a busy highway intersection. Advertisement comes from the word re-klamor (Latin: Re = repeated, klamor = exclamation).

Billboards contain advertisements intended to be seen by pedestrians and motorists passing through them. Advertising generally contains large and interesting illustrations, accompanied by slogans.

In Indonesia, there is a tendency to distinguish adverts and advertisements based on their placement categories; so the billboard is used to refer to outdoor advertising media, while advertisements refer to the advertising media in the interior.

When viewed from the etymology, billboards and advertisements have equivalent meanings. Ads from the word i'lan (Arabic) means announcements, and billboards mean repeated calls; then the two terms related to advertising media contain equivalent meaning, namely for the delivery of information to the public or the target audience.

To find a place that serves Billboard Services in Indonesia, one of the places to go is the Advertising Store that serves the manufacture of Neon Boxes, Embossed Letters, Nameplate Signs, Car Branding, etc.

Many billboard shops buy Adiwarna Mika brand acrylic sheets in Jaya Mika because the quality of the acrylic brand Adiika Mika is very good complete and the color varies.

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