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Jaya Mika's best website achievement

Jaya Mika's best website achievement in the first week of March 2019. Exactly 1 year ago this website was registered on Google.

If asked to Google (search Google) who is the "best acrylic distributor" in Indonesia, then the answer is ranked at the top (first place) of the first page of Google is the Jaya Mika website,

So what are you waiting for those who haven't bought acrylic at Jaya Mika, immediately become a customer of Jaya Mika. We make it easy for customers to contact Jaya Mika through the website. There are office phones, emails, 2 WA numbers and chat. There is Jaya Mika's social media on FB, FB Page, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. There are 2 offline distributor locations in Pinangsia and Mangga Besar. There is a large and integrated distribution network and decades of experience as an acrylic distributor in Indonesia. So we strive to provide the best service and 360 ° trust (online & offline) to our products and companies.

Jaya Mika is an acrylic distributor of Indonesia Adiwarna Mika brand & the best quality Aluontop brand ACP distributor with cheap selling prices and selling other products for various industrial needs. The advantage of Jaya Mika is the selling price of acrylic & ACP which is cheap (competitive) with the best quality, complete products & colors and a large and experienced distribution network.

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