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Acrylic Clear For Shoes Box

Acrylic Clear For Shoes Box

Do not let the shoes fall apart because besides being unsightly they also make shoes easily damaged, especially for expensive ones.

Also to protect shoes from dust, dirt and animal bites that damage shoes such as mice, dogs and cats.

Acrylic Clear (clear) can be used to make beautiful shoes or boxes and make it easier to choose shoes that will be used because the shoes are visible from the outside.

Photos were obtained from Jaya Mika customers.

PT. Jaya Alam Persada (Jaya Mika) is a distributor of acrylic and ACP with cheap and quality selling prices. Jaya Mika is also a distributor or agent of other products. PT. Jaya Alam Persada (Jaya Mika) such as supermarkets for the advertising industry or advertising, construction industry, creative industries, start up and others.

Jaya Mika is the best distributor of acrylic sheet & ACP and other complete products in Indonesia.

The most complete cheap acrylic sales center in Indonesia is in Jaya Mika.

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