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Acrylic Adiwarna Mika Can Be Used For Gifts Or Souvenirs

Acrylic Adiwarna Mika can be used for gifts or souvenirs.

Acrylic Adiwarna Mika can be formed with a laser machine and can be colored with digital printing and some even combined with led lights so that it becomes a beautiful, unique and attractive product for gifts, souvenirs.

Souvenirs or gifts from acrylic can be customized by entering the name of the recipient or the giver in the product.

For example, birthday gifts, tourist attractions, wedding souvenirs and others.

Jaya Mika is an Indonesian acrylic distributor of the Adiwarna brand Mika & a distributor of the best quality ACP brand Aluontop at low prices and sells other products for various industrial needs.

The superiority of Jaya Mika is the selling price of acrylic & ACP which is cheap (competitive) with the best quality, complete products & colors and a large and experienced distribution network.

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